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OnSabbatical – Truth Through Experimentation

Technology Leads the Market Pioneering Test-Driven DevOps Design has not been all business nor roses. Some of the hard work doesn’t pay off until a way is found to collect. Other times I find myself surrounded by those who dislike

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PPLvPIPA: Elastic Provisioner takes a stand against SOPA, PIPA, and online civil liberty infringement at large.

The Internet has gone on strike. Republicans and other cultural conservatives feared the day the Internet at large and all its nodes would simultaneously collapse… we haven’t seen that happen yet, but we have seen industry collaborators get on the

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Personal Computing with Asher Bond: Ubuntu Studio

What makes Ubuntu Studio more relateable than other Linux desktop distributions is that Ubuntu Studio allows for direct, realtime process prioritized access to drivers and peripherals. If low latency is your priority, you should download the Ubuntu Studio 10.10 Maverick

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Personal Computing Nightmares with Asher Bond: Ubuntu Fiction Based on a True Story

This is Personal Computing with Asher Bond… Where Asher Bond takes computing personally. Unbelieveably, Netflix is not yet able to provide streaming support… or even unlocked ACCESS for Ubuntu (the most relateable, extensible, and personal computing platform available) due to

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iSad about the iPad

iWish the iPad had: USB Firewire Ethernet A Camera Multitasking Adobe Flash Support A more powerful OS than the one running on iPhones [youtube][/youtube] Realistically, I don’t think keyboards are obsolete. I was hoping the iPad would be a less

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Why I Don’t Support Windows or Other Microsoft Products at This Time or in the Near Future

Formerly: “How To Fix Your Start Menu and Bring Back Task Manager After Antivirus 2008 (or some other virus) removed it” “Antivirus 2008” a.k.a “Vista Antivirus 2008” is actually a virus. When you boot up, it runs all kinds of

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Bug: Youtube And Other Flash .SWF Movies Stop Playing in Firefox After 2 Seconds?

The Problem: For a long time I have been having a problem where I’ll be watching a Youtube videos, myspace videos, etc. (This is on a Windows XP computer by the way. I’m using Flash 9 and Firefox Everything

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How To Filter and Report Google Groups Spam With Gmail

This morning I was bombarded with about 4,000 spam messages. All of these spam messages were relayed through Google Groups. Fortunately, Gmail has an excellent filtering and labelling system that made it easy to report all of these messages as

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