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Sub-semaphoric Parallel Execution Domains

GitStrapped provides a linearizable sub-semaphore for each STRAP (service-template-running-a-process). Each sub-semaphore is responsible for eliminating race conditions as applications compete for device, network, and processor resources. Sub-semaphores appear to the application user as a kernel, but sub-semaphores are not necessarily

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Just got back from International CES. Nice to see some familiar faces and meet many new people! McDevOps makes computers for DevOps. The newest computer we’re working on is called Dynamic-PeripheryTM. Unsatisfied with the one-to-one constraint of personal computing, we

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The CLOUD is real… now what?

The CLOUD is upon you In 2011 many were still wondering if the CLOUD really meant anything in terms of technology, dollars, and or cents. Looking back on 2011 all I can see is a whirl of nebulocity surrounding what-is

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The Evolving Definition of Cloud Computing

Different working-groups have defined and re-defined cloud computing over the last few years. Peter Mell, Timothy Grance, Murugiah Souppaya, Lee Badger and other brilliant minds working together with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) have drafted a document

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DevOps Day: When Success is 99% Failover – How Availability Can Persist in the AWS Cloud When Network Events Also Persist in an EC2 / RDS Region

Some might refer to today as a DevOps Day… and to those who haven’t figured out their failover strategy, today might seem like the day the cloud stood still. But if you’re familiar with Internet service at large, you’ve seen

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The Cloud isn’t a Puppet Show, but more of a Vending Machine

I think in the early days of the commercial Internet, Cloud referred to telecommunications infrastructure that you subscribed to or didn’t know about or care about. Service-orientation is inevitable when technology is applied.. this is because people want service when

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Benchmarking Nginx in the cloud

Summary 11,969 http requests handled @ 84 nanoseconds across 100 concurrent connections? Yeah. Here’s what happened: root@ip-10-161-82-11:/var/www/nginx-default# ab -n 1000000 -c100 http://localhost:80/ This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd, Licensed to The Apache Software

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Introducing Scalable Cloud Response Architecture Platform Elasticity Revitalization Services (SCRAPERS)

[c-img src=”” alt=”service-oriented modeling practices aren’t being practiced?” /] Just when you thought your app was in “the cloud” … someone showed you that you’re still on a VPS. Everything’s in the box…. DBMS, some scripting framework your web guy

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In a previous post, I described an experimental method of mounting S3 as a virtual file system within a cloud instance. I’m still in the process of doing spring cleaning… although fall is basically here… but anyway cleanliness is generally

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Experimenting with Backups: From EC2 (or any networked unix box) to S3

If you’re wondering if there’s a difference between backups in the Service-oriented Cloud and backups that the rest of the world is familiar with… well… there are 5 key differences mostly stemming from the fact that cloud backups are service-based

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