OnSabbatical – Truth Through Experimentation

Technology Leads the Market

Pioneering Test-Driven DevOps Design has not been all business nor roses. Some of the hard work doesn’t pay off until a way is found to collect. Other times I find myself surrounded by those who dislike the rise of technology or science. For some reason some teams act like they don’t like the idea of independent innovation or design thinking, even when some believe the conventions they follow are the one true way. Some even use a Macbook Pro with Ruby, Vagrant, Chef and Textmate. This is one way. What would Steve Jobs say?

The strong survive and learn to leverage the stigma as validation. It proves the concept that Technology leads the market. Have you achieved a strong technology advantage? If so, never compromise.

Technology Never Compromises

I’m Unnonymous… you know where to find me. You know my name. I have a little bit to hide (access credentials, etc.) but I’m out here on a WordPress blog making fun of those who say they don’t forget or forgive, etc. I forget all the time and I hope to forgive others as I have been forgiven. I’m here to tell you that Technology is not so forgiving. When you get behind on Technology, you keep getting further behind. It’s because of people like me who keep rolling forward with every push.

Prove Concepts To Thyself – Because Designers Don’t Even Need a Plan.

Haters are out here tryna copy the plan before the Design Template has been released. Hold up. The template was designed for you to copy, Pay the price, copy the template, Get Served. If you’re a designer, you don’t need a plan… you probably have it in your subconscious and I bet any plan worth following is quite intuitive to your design as you discover and contrive it. By the time you can comfortably set aside design time to contrive a formal a plan you’re probably late… whether or not that’s fashionable. I don’t want to discuss what your competitors and all of their competitive interest groups will be doing by the time you communicate your plan in a way they admit to understanding your plan. Why share it when a designer only needs to prove the concept to oneself?

The Identification of 4 types of Haters in the Space

Identifying haters is something very easy to do if you ever go OnSabbatical. I could start a meetup for haters at this point. Here are the 4 types who often surround me:

  1. Those who hate the Technology they are forced to consume as the depend on it in their daily lives.
  2. Those who live by making compromises and feel threatened by the empowering culture shift of independent, permissionless innovation (based on innovation’s threat to their existing investments in the infrastructure of statusquo.)
  3. Those who hate volatility and fail to admit that the only constant is change itself in their pursuit of temporary feelings of security.
  4. Some other form of serial compromiser who percieves reality as the forfeiture of ideology.

Being the change. May the Impact be great.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Sabbatical – “It must be nice.”

You want to DevOperate like me? Rinse and repeat after me and start learning by doing. Rent-seeking-recognition-seekers and position-takers (trolls) will try to explain to you what you can discover or already discovered on your own. Some might try anything to get you off the discovery path (as though a discovery path is somehow their intellectual turf?). Whether or not they intend to distract you from your discovery, pay little attention to them and lots of attention to your discovery… which they hope to associate themselves with. How else can they be associated to the greatness of experimentation… other than, of course, embracing the scientific method directly. Now it’s my turn to say “That’s not gonna happen.” (Whether or not I can help it) My assertion, however, is speculative, but based on their behaviour as it may be publicly observed for a long period of time.

Before I went OnSabbatical, I used to think that one or two specific vendors and their partners were kryptonite. Whether or not I am DevOpSuperman, I now realize, on my sabbatical, that the attitude of resisting change/technology and the compromises around it are the planet Krypton. Before I overdose on privileges and fancy catered foods and Sonoma grapes, I must just say no to the poison of these pessimisms and roll forward with another experiment. You see, these experiments are sometimes the only way to learn what isn’t taught. There are many things that haven’t been learned yet, and when they are discovered.. what are the chances that the person who discovers them is willing to teach? What are the chances the teaching is accessible? From an engineering perspective, experimentation is often the most direct path to a discovery.

I solve problems of Unpredictable Scale, what do you do?

I’m just a solution provider out here with what might seem to be a personal problem. (Maybe it is and maybe it’s not.) My problem is that I can explain. The plumber doesn’t really explain much, and I don’t know how the plumber feels about a hovering home-maker. I know that I don’t advise other solution providers to explain, if they intend to sell solutions. Instead:

  1. Sell the solution first (if you have to eat non-meetup-pizza too.)
  2. Solve the problem (especially if it’s critical.)
  3. Then explain as a charity if you choose. (Remember there may be more problems out there, Yung SuperDevOp.)

I have explained and described in colour some cultural barriers to independent, permissionless innovation in this article. Thank you for reading / following.

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