PPLvPIPA: Elastic Provisioner takes a stand against SOPA, PIPA, and online civil liberty infringement at large.

The Internet has gone on strike.

Republicans and other cultural conservatives feared the day the Internet at large and all its nodes would simultaneously collapse… we haven’t seen that happen yet, but we have seen industry collaborators get on the same page politically and take a stand against the war on civil liberties in the form of PIPA and SOPA. Who is supporting this terrible attempt at law-making? Those who don’t know that Intellectual property expires if you don’t maintain or share it, and some folks are trying to legislate their way out of that fact. The rest of us are taking a stand for what we believe is true. Information wants to be free, if you let it… and when you put a price on it, you’re essentially putting a price on your own head. The price of a troll’s head, technically.

people against PIPA and SOPA


It’s no longer a secret that Elastic Provisioner, clients, partners, et. al. unanimously oppose legislation which attempts to control that which cannot be controlled… at the expense of the civil liberties which USA and other countries fought so hard for. In “america” we thought we were going to win some kind of war against drugs, but we were on them.. so we made peace with them. Now the war seems to be against online piracy. The same problem exists as before… people want drugs and pirated software, and those people are citizens… so it’s going to be very hard to control their behaviours. In fact, if we’re going to control them we’re all going to have to give up our privacy and innovation… just a little. Is it worth it? not really. The fact is that some people would prefer to make the Internet back into tubes again. I have decided to take a stand against it, and you’ll probably hear about it on twitter if you’re tuned into #STOPSOPA or #NOPIPASF or if you are attending The Silicon Valley PIPA and SOPA protest, brought to you by Hackers and Founders. If you’re taking computing personally, join us!

– Asher Bond

@PPLvPIPA: What sites are taking a stand against online erosion of civil liberties in the form of PIPA and SOPA?

Google, Inc.

Google blacks out to protest PIPA and SOPA

WikiMedia / Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales and Wikimedia oppose PIPA and SOPA measures
Jimmy Wales has annouced that Wikipedia is abstaining from normal behaviour on this day of activism… unfortunately not in those words, but his were probably better. What I love about their implementation of the blackout is that their site appears to work normally until you submit a search query or click a topic, then all pages redirect to the blackout page.

The opposing political factions attack our Twitter account

Attackers reset the password on our Twitter account and falsely report spam to temporarily block access.

This is from Tony Baldwin (one of my Diaspora friends).
If SOPA passes and we post pirate bay links on senate.gov... WOULD THEY SHUT DOWN THEIR OWN WEBSITE?!?!?!?

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  1. Asher Bond says:

    They try to put us in jail for speaking our minds and raising questions? Yeah. Ask socrates.