Envisioning Social Network Integration Aspects in Diaspora

Asher Bond envisioning socially integrated aspects in Diaspora Alpha
The following is part of a diaspora-dev discussion:

I’ve had difficulty quarantining the feature-itis, because I can’t stop dreaming about integrating Twitter and Facebook differently.

What I envisioned in these dreams (which I hope you won’t call nightmares) is something I’m calling an ‘integration aspect’ which would display the contents a Twitter account, Facebook wall, etc. This would be different from the way it is now: limited to a single Facebook wall or a single Twitter account only accessible as write-only when posting to the world. I think it would be useful to read and write to ‘integration aspects’ which are Twitter accounts, Facebook Walls and Facebook Page Walls, and whatever API hackers deem hackable in their integration adventures. ‘Integration aspects’ would become part of the ‘all aspects’ aggregation and who knows, maybe even serve as a way to drag and drop share invitations from Diasporans to Twitter and Facebook, et. al.

Leaving Facebook for Diaspora

You might be asking yourself, “Why do we need to support multiple Twitter accounts?” Perhaps we don’t NEED it, but many people have at least two accounts, especially for business purposes. In some ways, these multiple accounts are their attempt at ‘aspects’ in the world of Twitter.

You might be asking yourself “Why do we need to support more than one Facebook wall?” Facebook pages have their own walls which are manageable under one account.

The presence of SaaS dashboards which already integrate these social network features… and the fact that some of them charge $5 to $15 per month per user… perhaps indicate demand.

You might be asking yourself “How on earth and in Diaspora would we execute these features without causing API drama?” That’s a good question. We would most likely need to heavily cache the results from querying these social networks at large. It’s doable and others have done this with their integration platforms.

The value proposition is that these features would create a multi-threaded integration environment which is consistent with the aspect-driven, contextually-aware user experience we have already instigated.

– Asher Bond

A step-wise approach to changing the world of social networking forever and ever:

  1. Go to https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora
  2. Click “Fork this.”
  3. Sign up for access to a pod and provide alpha feedback
  4. Push your secret sauce to master if you’re dev savvy.
  5. Merge updates from the main project and others if you’re dev savvy.
  6. If you’re design savvy be providing lots of feedback via getsatisfaction and via Github issues”
  7. If you’re a social butterfly invite 25 high attenders to your Diaspora aspects
  8. If you’re a deployment butterfly (lol you’re a moth) then make sure the chef recipes are in good alpha health?
  9. DiPaaSpora shall be upon you.. heroku tonight.. tomorrow THE WORLD of Open PaaS.
  10. If you’re a maker… make some cheap pods under your desk and see if you can move your contacts… soon you will be able to move (import+export) all of your data
  11. Join the mailing lists. There is one for dev, one for services-integration, and of course the standard user group for everyone.
  12. Go to the diaspora meetups… when people ask you when Diaspora is going to launch or take off..

Diaspora may never launch or land, but it’s gonna keep taking off in ways difficult to measure with your average stick.

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