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DevOps Day: When Success is 99% Failover – How Availability Can Persist in the AWS Cloud When Network Events Also Persist in an EC2 / RDS Region

Some might refer to today as a DevOps Day… and to those who haven’t figured out their failover strategy, today might seem like the day the cloud stood still. But if you’re familiar with Internet service at large, you’ve seen

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Envisioning Social Network Integration Aspects in Diaspora

The following is part of a diaspora-dev discussion: I’ve had difficulty quarantining the feature-itis, because I can’t stop dreaming about integrating Twitter and Facebook differently. What I envisioned in these dreams (which I hope you won’t call nightmares) is something

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The Cloud isn’t a Puppet Show, but more of a Vending Machine

I think in the early days of the commercial Internet, Cloud referred to telecommunications infrastructure that you subscribed to or didn’t know about or care about. Service-orientation is inevitable when technology is applied.. this is because people want service when

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