Coming Soon: MaxCDN integration extensions for Magento.

MaxCDN is a commercial Content Delivery Network (a.k.a Content Distribution Network) used by highly trafficked web sites including @Mashable.

It costs roughly $40 per month to host one Terabyte of data (that comes out to 1000 gigabytes if you’re a tech noob). Take a look at the edge locations. Having a CDN with servers in these locations probably makes sense if you are looking to distribute content to people in North America. The extension will streamline your Magento content and deliver it redundantly from at least 10 edge servers. It may also preclude the need for you to find a custom caching solution, depending how your Magento commerce solution was designed.

They’ve already released the integration software for WordPress, but here is an announcement of what you should expect to see when you can integrate CDN by configuring a single plugin per Magento deployment. Remember that you can sometimes operate multiple stores under one Magento deployment.

[m-img src=”” alt=”comparison of traditional content delivery to a content delivery network” /]

Let me know if you are interested in custom designed cloudsourcing, performance testing, or optimization of your application for more elastic scale and geographic efficiency.

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