Varien Announces Magento Enterprise 1.6 – Complete With All Those Features You Thought You Had to Code Yourself.

Magento Enterprise Edition is arguably the most powerful e-commerce platform ever created. Version 1.6 offers a whole new systematic approach to targeted merchandizing.

Here’s how targeted merchandizing can be set up in Magento Enterprise 1.6

  1. Set up rules for Up-selling: For example, present the buyer with items of the same category/manufacturer as the product last viewed if the price is 10% higher.
  2. Set up rules for Related Items by Subcategory: For example, automatically scan the customer’s cart and offer them items within a subcategory of the items they are planning to purchase if these items are from the same manufacturer.
  3. “Customer’s who purchased product A also bought products XYZ…” – This can be done, for example, by setting a rule to show the most popular 3 products that are bought over 40% of the time when other customers bought product A.
  4. These rules are followed (calculated) automatically by Magento based on the items in the customer’s cart (prior to checkout.)
  5. Sometimes you know for sure when and what to up-sell: You can override these automated rules by manually selecting products that you always want to use as cross-sell, up-sell or related-items for a specific product.
  6. Create customized buying options on the shopping cart page.

Targeted merchandizing is an effective way to increase sales to existing customers, but take a look at what you can do to reach new customers with targeted marketing.

Here’s how you can target new markets in Magento Enterprise 1.6

  1. Set up your advertising campaign as usual with custom graphics, banners, etc.
  2. Integrate banners to match your advertising campaign’s theme. Magento Enterprise offers a special smart page block that will serve the banners based on the rules created for each promotion. It could even be customized to serve as your landing page or micro-site.
  3. When customers funnel in through these custom pages, you can associate promotional banners to catalog and shopping cart price rules. For example, you can offer promotional discounts without requiring users to type in promotional codes. This is done by creating call-to-action callouts in Magento Enterprise 1.6.

eBridge’s Bridgeconnect module integrates Magento Enterprise 1.6 with most Accounting and ERP software platforms including

  • SAP
  • Intuit
  • Sage
  • Epicor

You can choose to Synchronize information between Magento and your Accounting/ERP software, automatically, manually or on a set schedule. You can Bilaterally synchronize time-sensitive information such as sales orders, product information, order status and shipping information.

Magento Enterprise 1.6 brings you the Content Management features you have been asking for with CMS+

  • Version Control:Store managers can create multiple versions of a static page before publishing.
  • Administrators can restrict publishing privileges to only authorized users or approve pages before publishing them.
  • Store Managers don’t have to know HTML. Magento Enterprise 1.6 comes with a WYSIWYG editor, which supports inserting images, URLs, product images/URLs, category URLs, and embedding videos from sites like YouTube.
  • Magento Widgets: Widgets are movable, modular, configurable (and pre-configured) page blocks that allow you to display dynamic (or static) content on your store front-end. For example display all best sellers for a specific category on the top part of the category page. This is something Magento users have hand-coded until now.

These are only a few of the new features available in Magento Enterprise 1.6. For more information, visit

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