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Facebook released the Beta version of Facebook Lite recently. It loads a lot easier than the normal facebook pages. The “heavy” full version of Facebook loads an extra small profile picture next to each person’s sub-comment. The lite version only loads the thumbnail of the person’s profile picture next to wall comments. Sub-comments in Facebook Lite have no picture, which saves a lot of memory and bandwidth.

[m-img src=”http://asherbond.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/facebook-lite.png” alt=”screenshot of someone panicking because they can’t turn off facebook lite and go back to the normal facebook” /]

The ajax behind the scenes is a lot more streamlined as well because apps and other notifications don’t have to load in the background every time you click something.

Help!! I can’t get my Applications! How do I turn off Facebook Lite and go back to the normal Facebook?”

Don’t panic. Just type “http://facebook.com” into your address bar and you will go back to your normal Facebook with your Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Friends for Sale, and other useless applications. To get back to lite mode, type the URL “http://lite.facebook.com” into your address bar again.

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