Bug: Youtube And Other Flash .SWF Movies Stop Playing in Firefox After 2 Seconds?

The Problem:
For a long time I have been having a problem where I’ll be watching a Youtube videos, myspace videos, etc. (This is on a Windows XP computer by the way. I’m using Flash 9 and Firefox Everything is fine when I first start my browser, but as I open more and more tabs in Mozilla Firefox things begin to go downhill. Eventually, Flash .SWF movies just simply won’t play for more than a few seconds. When the problem happens, a flash movie begins playing with no sound, then after 2 or 3 or a couple seconds the movie stops playing. I can fast forward it to a later position in the flash movie and it will play for another 2 seconds or so (without sound), but then it stops again. If I close out of Firefox and start it back up from scratch I can watch movies for a while until I open a lot of tabs again.

The Work Around:
It turns out that this problem is some kind of a bug (probably with the Flash 9 plugin for Firefox.) I guess I should probably upgrade to version 10, but I have found that I can work around the problem by closing out of all those extra windows that have extra flash movies in them, then refreshing the page that I’m trying to watch the flash movie on. I guess that works a lot better than closing out of Firefox entirely. If you find a better solution, please comment.

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7 comments on “Bug: Youtube And Other Flash .SWF Movies Stop Playing in Firefox After 2 Seconds?
  1. Geoff says:

    I’ve found this to be a repeatable problem for me. I have usb headphones and if I disconnect them I will have this problem. Even if I reconnect them, the problem will still persist until I restart Firefox or open and instance of IE to watch the video. I’m sure closing all of the tabs with flash and restarting those works also.

  2. Gungaabayar says:

    I think you guys got Realtek HD Audio manager installed on your PC. Then there is small yellow folder icon on the right hand side of the Realtek HD Auido manager window. Click on it and check the only option. Job will be done,

  3. Laz Smith says:

    Gungaabayar – I’ve got the same problem, and Realtek HD Audio Manager, but no little envelope icon.
    What’s the only option we’re supposed to select?

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