(Mu Compatible) WordPress Plugins: Image Code Generator

This plugin embeds an image in your blog and offers the code for others to copy so they can also easily post the same image on their site. The code also encloses your image in a hyperlink that links back to your blog post.


  1. First you must download and install Erik Range’s Syntax Highlighter Plugin.
  2. Download and Unzip the Image Code Generator Plugin from here.
  3. Normal Installation: Upload the “imgcode” into your wp-content/plugins directory then just activate the plugin from your “Plugins” screen of wp-admin. (You’re Done!)
  4. ONLY If you are using WordPress Mu and you want to make this plugin available for ALL BLOGS that you are hosting: Upload the contents of “imgcode” (not the actual directory itself) into wp-content/mu-plugins. (You’re done!)

To use the plugin, put code like this in your new blog posts:

how to use imgcode plugin for wordpress

The plugin will automatically translate code like that into something that looks like this:

If you want to include descriptive information about your image (for search engine optimization) just describe your image using alt= like this.

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