How To Filter and Report Google Groups Spam With Gmail

This morning I was bombarded with about 4,000 spam messages. All of these spam messages were relayed through Google Groups. Fortunately, Gmail has an excellent filtering and labelling system that made it easy to report all of these messages as spam very quickly. Here’s how you can fight thousands of spam messages in just a few minutes using your Gmail account:

Step 1
Open a spam message (any spam will do) and click the “show details” link.

Step 2
Click “filter messages from this mailing list”.

Step 3
Go to the “Has the words” box, and change it to>". This will tell gmail to match the pattern in the listid header.

It should look like this when you’re done. Click the “Next Step” button.

Step 4
Create a new label for google groups. You can call it “google groups”

Step 5
Check the “Skip the Inbox” if you don’t want to see this spam in your inbox.
Be sure that “Apply this label” is checked.
Check the “Also apply this filter…” box so that the filter retroactively works with existing messages.
Click “Create this filter” and you should see all the spam moved from your inbox to your “google groups” label.

Step 6
Here’s how to report the spam:
Navigate to your “google groups” label (there’s a link to it on your left sidebar).
Click “Select All.”
Now just make sure it’s all spam and report it.

You can also select more than one page at a time, but Gmail won’t let you report multiple pages as spam. You can, however, delete multiple pages of email.

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15 comments on “How To Filter and Report Google Groups Spam With Gmail
  1. I infer that telling gmail that a specific message from a google group will not cause all the messages from that group to be considered spam. That was what worried me enough to search out this blog entry

  2. Lois Duncan says:

    Is there a way to block messages that have the link in the actual message? Spammers are now using random email addresses to mail these so the method here doesn’t work ­čÖü

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  7. Devora Hassing says:

    thanks for your tips..really excellent

  8. Mark says:

    Gmail has an excellent filtering? Yea right, given the vast resources these corporations have, all this topic shows, is how poor their spam filtering mechanisms are and how incompetent their engineers are.

    I receive spam emails constantly from various social networks including google and I have to deploy my own mechanism to block them. And of course its a total waste of time to report something.

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